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Welcome to Abroad-Link Ghana Destination.


Dedicate your time and talent to support education, environmental conservation, and community development while immersing yourself in Ghanaian culture as a volunteer abroad for as little as 2 weeks or as long as 9 months.




Gain meaningful hands-on experience, develop skills in a potential career field, and experience a new culture with a customized  internship in Ghana.



Explore an area of interest while traveling and taking in the sights, sounds, history and tradition in Ghana. Build solar powered cooking stoves,  or explore Ghana through photography, film or textile design during one of our all-inclusive workshops.

Make Your Travel Matter

Ghana is an amazing place to visit. And now you can experience this culturally rich country through an educational and meaningful trip.

Akwaaba! In Ghana, this phrase is used to welcome visitors and guests. Renowned as one of the friendliest countries in the world, West Africa’s Ghana has a distinct and rich culture that is intertwined with majestic chiefs, kente cloth, scenic beaches, slave trade forts dating back to the 15th century, and large open air markets.

The country’s unforgettable wildlife preserves present a pristine backdrop to a land that is at once ancient and modern. With Abroad Impact, you can visit this truly wondrous land through exciting volunteer, intern, and workshop opportunities. Our programs let you experience first hand Ghana’s culture and people, its history and present day growth. This is a special chance for you to create an extraordinary international trip. You will be touched forever by the experience, and simultaneously contribute to a beautiful society. It’s time to make your travel matter.

Intern: Gain Meaningful Hands-On Experience

Our internship programs provide powerful opportunities for self-development while experiencing Ghana through an intimate perspective. This is an excellent way to develop skills in an area of interest, experience a new culture, and acquire experience that will make you more attractive to future employers. Learn more.


Volunteer: Give Back While You Receive

Our volunteer programs let you contribute to Ghanaian society while enjoying an unforgettable travel experience. You can teach math and English to eager students at an understaffed elementary school, help build a well to supply clean drinking water, organize workshops to educate communities on hygiene, disease prevention, and computer skills, and contribute in many other ways. Learn more.


Workshops: Explore Your Interests Abroad

Our workshop programs offer short-term, all-inclusive tours that are tied into your interests. You can design your own Ghanaian textiles, build solar powered cooking stoves, or explore Ghana through photography, while traveling around the country and interacting with experts in the field. Learn more.

Leisure Tour Trip

Have a change of environment this holiday [COMING SOON…]  


Roots ReConnect

Reconnect to your original roots, Ghana. [COMING SOON…]