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Textile Design in Ghana

Create Your Own Vibrant African Textile Designs, Visit Craft Villages and West Africa’s largest Open Air Market

The Textile Design Workshop is an educational tour that incorporates lectures, tours, and hands-on workshops exploring Ghanaian textile design techniques. This program is perfect for anyone with an interest in the arts and design. You’ll create your own unique designs using dyeing, stamping, and weaving techniques, while digger deeper to learn about the significance of Ghanaian textile design, explore the meanings behind motifs and symbols. In addition to hands on workshops, you’ll venture outside of the classroom with field trips to museums, galleries, markets, and craft villages where you’ll learn about the evolution of Ghanaian textile design and production from artisans who have inherited the skills through generations. This experience will surely serve as inspiration that will influence your creative work and future career aspirations as you incorporate designs and techniques into your own creations whether it be in fine arts, clothing, furniture and jewelry design, architecture or other media.

The primary topics that will be covered in lectures and workshops are fabric dyeing and stamping techniques used in Batik, Tie and Dye and Adinkra Printing, and intricate loom weaving techniques used in creating Kente Cloth.

Participation is open to students 18 years and older and is well suited for students studying Textiles, Fashion Design, and the Arts. We offer individual as well as group tours. Contact us for details on fees and starts dates!


Experiment with a variety of media including dyes, stamps, and weaving using Eco-friendly natural plant materials found in Ghana
Learn new skills in textile design and find inspiration which you can apply in fabric, accessory, furnishing, and other projects
Gain global exposure and establish direct contact with suppliers through visits to craft villages, markets, and mills
Create designs that you can showcase in your portfolios and at trade shows
Understand the meaning behind symbols,and colors and the role they play in Ghanaian history and culture.


Age Requirements: 18 and above
Arrival and Departure: Kotoka International Airport, Accra
Room and Board: Guesthouses and/or host family
Language Requirements: Must speak fluent English
Group Size: 14-16 participants, we also offer individual placement
Dates/Duration: varies



Participants stay in guesthouse or with a host family. The program takes place in Ntonso, in the Ashanti region of Ghana.


Experience an adventurous shopping experience in Kumasi’s central market, the largest in West Africa
Visit the fascinating floating village on water at the Nzulezo stilt village
Carve your own stamps from a calabash tree and use a layering technique to form wonderful one of a kind resist-dye batik patterns
Spend time in the village of Bonwire, the home of the famed Kente cloth and watch expert artisans weave intricate patterns from vibrant strands of thread
Catch a live Ghanaian drumming performance
Interact with skilled artisans, some specially appointed just to make kings’ cloths


Pre-departure guidance
Airport pick up
In-country orientation
Program support while in Ghana
Transportation from Accra to the Ashanti Region
Workshop instruction