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media and journalism

Media and Journalism

Abroad Impact’s media and journalism internships provide exciting opportunities with media companies in Ghana, including TV stations, print publications, radio and online companies. Interns assist in all of these areas, gaining valuable experience in front of and behind the scenes of media production. You’ll hit the streets with colleagues to investigate, cover stories, and interview locals including market women, musicians, and business owners.

Applicants with a history in writing, journalism, and production will thrive in this program, which offers publishing credits and portfolio building opportunities. Interns must be flexible, outgoing, and willing to participate in a range of activities and assignments. This is the perfect opportunity for hands-on international media experience and is unlikely to be matched by U.S. based organizations. Walk away with a great portfolio, new memories, life-long friendships, and international work experience under your belt.


Interns have the opportunity to contribute substantively to ongoing productions including news, entertainment, and documentary production working reputable companies in media. This internship program is designed for current students or graduates who want to get extensive hands on experience on working in front of and behind the scenes in media production. This is a great opportunity to gain international experience and build an impressive portfolio.Interns fill positions such as:

  • News Reporter
  • Editor
  • T.V Producer
  • Anchor Person
  • Sound Technician
  • Script Writer
  • Production Coordinator
  • Camera Person
  • Studio Director
  • News Editor
  • Sub-Editor/Graphic Design
  • Studio Coordinator
Attend and cover social, cultural, political, and sports events
Technical production
Act as on-camera announcer/host
Produce, shoot, and edit segments
Write and edit news and feature
Research and conduct field interviews
Develop and introduce new program concepts


Start Dates: All year, volunteers start the first Monday of every month
Duration: Minimum 4 weeks
Age: 18 years and older at the time volunteer placement begins
Qualifications: Interns should be intelligent, detail oriented, and outgoing, and have solid communication skills. Previous experience and relevant courses are a plus, but not required. All applicants must submit a resume for placement. Placement based on interest and experience.
Placement: Radio, TV, Online, PR and Print Organizations