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Teach in Ghana

Teaching is the most popular project of choice for volunteers traveling to Ghana. This is the perfect opportunity for a self starter who has a passion for working with children. No previous teaching experience is needed but you must be an enthusiastic, creative, self-motivated person. Depending on your level of comfort, you can lead lessons on your own or assist other teachers. Volunteers typically work 4-5 hours a day teaching art, math, science, and English to students ages 5-16.

Ghanaian students are generally well behaved, respectful and eager to learn since respect for teachers and adults is deeply rooted in the culture. Traditional teaching methods employed by Ghanaian teachers are often rote and strict, so you have the opportunity to bring some fun and excitement to the learning process. Incorporate new ideas, fun techniques, and interactive learning exercises with art, song, dance, and games, exposing students to a new and memorable experience. In addition to inspiring students, you may inspire teachers who will continue to have an impact far after you are gone.

Most teaching assignments are in semi-rural areas in Ghana where schools are understaffed and where your impact will be felt. Abroad Impact and the local school will provide support and guidance in developing a curriculum and various lesson guides are available.


Organize classroom and learning resources to create a positive learning environment
Support teachers in coordinating activities and developing curriculum
Motivate students with enthusiastic, imaginative presentations through song, dance, and fun learning activities
Coordinate school activities for the weekends and evenings
Plan, prepare, and present lessons that cater to needs and abilities of students in class
Organize a school play or musical production


Start Dates: Ghana has 3 academic trimesters a year: January-March, May-July, and September-December. Teaching positions are not available while school is not in session. Contact us for available dates.
Duration: Minimum 4 weeks
Age: 18 years and older at the time volunteer placement begins
Qualifications: There are no special qualifications for educational volunteers. You must be an active participant, creative and flexible.
Placement: Schools, orphanages