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Environmental Conservation

Volunteer Abroad

Environmental Conservation

Conservation and Renewable Energy volunteers work at Ghana national parks and wildlife preserves, or with international and local agencies to help alleviate the environmental problems facing wildlife and biodiversity and implement alternative energy methods. Volunteers plant trees and engage in research, environmental education, and program implementation. You will leave with a greater knowledge and understanding of Ghana, and a feeling that you made a positive contribution to the environment.

Abroad Impact also offers a workshop focusing on renewable energy. The purpose of the program is to learn about energy alternatives and the energy problem in Ghana, and work on projects such as installing solar panels in a hospital, building solar battery chargers, setting up solar energy cooking stoves, and more. Contact us for updates.


Educate communities about protecting endangered plant and animal species
Develop and promote renewable energy solutions linked to conservation initiatives for rural communities such as solar energy
Assist with outdoor projects such as tree planting
Engage in agriculture and forestry research and projects
Document endangered species


Start Dates: All year, volunteers start the first Monday of every month
Duration: Minimum 4 weeks
Age: 18 years and older at the time volunteer placement begins
Qualifications: There are no special qualifications for environmental conservation volunteers. Applicants with related experience in environmental studies and biodiversity are encouraged to apply.
Placement: Nature reserves and parks, nonprofit organizations, government agencies